UNICEF Young Reporters shed light on the lessons they have learned during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Eva Hadzipetrova, , Branislav Maksimovski, Andrijana Kamcheva


There is no rainbow without rain

Eva Hadzipetrova (15), UNICEF Young Reporter

I’ve been thinking a lot – what is it that will come out of all this? Equality! This situation has shown us that we are all the same regardless of our religion, culture, customs, whether we are poor or rich. The virus simply does not choose. It connected us in a way, it showed us that we should all stick together. During this chaos, while many of us in a panic, it showed us the weight of humanity. It reminded us who we are. Maybe the world will finally change.

We humans are fragile by ourselves. Our strength lies in being part of a community.

We do not live without relationships and we should never forget that. We have a very caring and shared connection between us and it’s amazing to see how we stick together at times. Sharing is caring. Sometimes we need to remember how important kindness is. We need to remember that we have been given a gift called life and that we should appreciate it.

Everything can end tomorrow. Focus on what is important to us. When all this is over, Earth will continue to spin, and life will flow again. The question is whether by then we will have learned our lesson. Let us be mindful of our Earth and it will be kind to us. There is no rainbow without rain. Remember that.


A pandemic that taught me to love

Branislav Maksimovski (15), UNICEF Young Reporter

It’ll take just a little patience and support for us to master this crisis, but together can we do it. We only need to respect the recommendations and measures issued by the state, to protect ourselves, the people closest to us, and others who live in our community. We all know that it is not easy to stay at home but taking a break to stop and reflect has its own virtues.

If someone asks me how I’m dealing with the pandemic and how it influences me I would say:

I know that is not easy for us, I know it’s not easy for those lying in the hospitals, I know it’s not easy for those who lost someone. Life takes us in different directions. That’s why it’s important to live the moment, without thinking of the past or the future. I sit at home, do my school assignments, go out on the balcony, have a tee or coffee, listen to good music. I can’t count all the activities I do to stay positive. It matters to me that my brother, my parents and grandparents are safe and for them I do my best. I write essays, I paint, I read.  This situation has taught me many things.

It taught me to love, to listen, to care, to respect and to help.

Help – that’s the word I’m looking for. What does it mean “to help someone”? Help someone to teach them something. Help someone by having a conversation with them. We should use this word in our vocabulary more often, so we can see a smile on people’s faces more often. This situation taught me to love. Not only to love a person, but also to love the little things in life.


Life is a lesson, we learn and continue to learn every day

Andrijana Kamcheva (25), UNICEF Young Reporter

Humans are very complex beings; they spend their whole life learning. But why wait for something bad to happen so that we learn how to appreciate the good? Why can’t we appreciate the little things that actually make us happy?

I never had a chance to think about the things that have happened to me. I wasn’t appreciating many things and I have given importance to so many things, which weren’t important at all. I didn’t know that the rain makes me happy or that the coffee I have on the balcony is tastier than the coffee in a coffee shop. I realize that reading books makes me happy. Playing cards and monopoly at home wasn’t that bad at all and working out at home is better that at a gym.  I realized that I’m a philanthropist and have a great sense of empathy, which makes me very happy.

We learn how to live every day. We choose the path we will take.

Just think about everything you dream of? It is good that we dream and work towards achieving a goal. Don’t be afraid to work miracles on yourself, don’t be afraid to live as you deserve. Its normal to come across obstacles, that’s how we learn when we overcome challenges.

Life is a lesson; we learn every day and we will continue learning every day. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect in life for us to be happy and to appreciate ourselves and everything around us.  We just have to be greatful.

Remember that the best life lesson is learned during hard times and when we make mistakes.

Enjoy your life and appreciate what you have. Just think about the fact that there are people in the world with less. Be happy and positive for everything around you and you will become a stonger person.


Blogs written by UNICEF Young Reporters are part of a UNICEF volunteer initiative to give young people the space to share their own views on topics important to them. The work of the Young Reporters during COVID-19 pandemic is partly funded by USAID.

Reference Article from https://www.unicef.org/eca/stories/lessons-we-will-learn-pandemic

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