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KKHS Outreach at Bukit Harapan

Kota Kinabalu High School conducted an outreach programme at Bukit Harapan, shelter home for disabled children and also abused, single and disabled women. Thanks to the contributions and support from all students, teachers and parents, we managed to collect RM3044.80 for the home. This, in… Read More »KKHS Outreach at Bukit Harapan

Murid Cemerlang SPM Tahun 2021

Murid Cemerlang SPM 2021 大马教育文凭考试 优异生 16 Jun 2022   PENCAPAIAN 成绩 10A (10 orang), 9A (12 orang), 8A (10 orang), 7A (13 orang). GPS: 4.46 Calon layak sijil 81.70%   10A(10人) 9A(12 人) 8A(10人) 7A(13 人) 总平均积分:4.46 考获文凭率:81.70%