According to WHO, suicide is the 4th leading cause of death in 15-19 year-olds. 

Each and every suicide is devastating and causes a lasting impact on those around them. People who are suicidal feel trapped, are a burden, or that they are alone and have no other choice (IASP, 2021).

We can prevent suicide by raising awareness, reducing the stigma, and reaching out to others. All of us play a role, no matter how small. We don’t need to give solutions or advice, but simply make the time to listen to their problems; show them that we care.

Here is a story written by students from 4A – Valerie Shim Hui Xin, Annabelle Crystal Chong, Archerll Cygan Ng Chen Ly, and Cheryl Tan Xue Yi called ‘Acceptance’. When we accept others as they are, it helps them to forgive themselves for whatever weakness they think they have, and this ignites a hope for them to go on living.