Congratulations to everyone who took part!

The judges had a difficult yet enjoyable time deciding the winner, as the entries are all so good.

This shows how talented KK High School students are. Well done!

The final results are as follows: 



Winner: Nuryn Nabila Binti Rosli (1 Ceria) – The Siren

            It was Halloween night. The sound of children’s laughter filled the air. As other children were trick or treating, Josh and her sister, Claire were stuck at their grandmother’s house, near the sea.

           Josh and Claire weren’t allowed to go outside because their grandmother was a paranoid woman. She was a firm believer in Greek mythology especially the siren. Siren is a mythological creature that has the head of a woman and the body of a bird. They are believed to… (Click on the link below for the full story)

2nd place: Nathaniel Amon Michael (1 Dinamik)

3rd place: Krisya Aleka Binti Azis (1 Ceria)



Winner: Vincent Tao Zhi Cheng (1 Tekun)

2nd place: Roxanne Lacey Liew (1 Kreatif) 

3rd place: Tay Jing Jing (3 Dinamik)



Winner: Faith Melody Binayu (1 Mulia)


2nd place: Law Shao An (1 Ceria)





Winner: Natalie Victor (5 Kreatif) – Halloween Soulmates 

This isn’t how it should go. This isn’t the way it’s supposed to end.


A gasp from a stranger cuts him off — a man badly burned and bleeding — as the sacred temple collapses around them.

“Who are you..?!” the stranger gasped out.

Irene has heard this question many times before, with scorn, anger, confusion, and everything in between. It’s a rude way to greet someone, but fitting for someone like her, a nobody with no station beyond an unlucky birth.

The curse spreads like fire, inky black against the pale cream of Irene’s skin, the cold hand of fate crueler than its symptoms.   … (Click on the link below to read the full story)

2nd place: Murphy Chong Chun Meng (5 Kreatif)

3rd place: Misha Lo Min Xia (4 Amanah)



Winner: Jaynievy Tracy James (4 Amanah) – Truth and Treat

It’s the night of the death,

Halloween they say,

The darkest, the scariest,

As the devils roam free.

Vampires, ghosts, you name it all, 

For they are all, 

The children’s nightmare.

(Click on the link below to read the full poem)

2nd place: Syifa Saffiyah binti Mohamad Khairul Tan (5 Amanah)

3rd place: Myra Tatiana Morris Ayim (5 Dinamik)




Winner: Chin Tze Gin (5 Mulia)

2nd place: Hiew Yek Shan Oceane (4 Bestari)

3rd place: Jeremy Ng Qi Jun (4 Mulia)



Winner: Samantha Francesco Teo Sulit (6R1)

2nd place: Nuratifa Solehah Binti Narsani (6R2)

3rd place: Rosanna Ku Jia Wei (4 Dinamik)



Winner: Bradley Sung Hon En (4 Ceria)

2nd place: Hanizatul Nursyafiqah Binti Mohd Hanafiah (5 Kreatif)

3rd place: Dexter Yih Chun Bing (4 Mulia)



Winner: Isis Chow Mui Hsing (4 Bestari)




Video – Mohammad Danish B. Mohd Azman (5 Amanah)


* Judges’ decision is final.

For those who entered but do not see your names here, don’t be discouraged. You may have won a consolation prize!

Congrats to the winners!!!

Prize-giving ceremony will be carried out in 2021 after school reopens. In the meantime, stay safe and stay great!

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