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    Figures from St John Ambulance suggest 41 per cent of people said it would take the death of a loved one to encourage them to learn first aid. A further 55 per cent of parents lack first aid skills needed to save their child in a life-threatening accident.
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    A threat is a threat, whether it was an impulsive mistake made by misguided, wannabe, Twitter tough guys, or by someone with actual evil intent. It’s also just sad when an athlete — or anybody, really — opens themselves up for unfettered access and actually engages with the people who follow along. It seems the majority of social media users appreciate that privilege.
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    Harry Reid, leader of the Democratic-led Senate, is expectedto decide soon on whether to try to open formal debate on a"clean" bill, without extraneous issues attached, to raise theU.S. Treasury's borrowing authority.
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    Azevedo put Geneva's trade negotiators on a tough regime when he took over last month, starting meetings on time, limiting comments to 60 seconds, pressing ahead with discussions even if some ambassadors were absent, and cutting meetings short if no progress was being made.
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    Kucherena, who said he met Snowden twice in the past two days in the Sheremetyevo airport transit zone, said that Snowden had given him a verbal promise that he would stop activities directed against the United States.
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    A moderate cleric, Rouhani has stepped up efforts to moderate Iran's image abroad during his visit to New York this week. He has said that Iran would never develop nuclear weapons - despite Western suspicions that it is seeking to do so - and called for a nuclear deal in three to six months. Iran says its nuclear program is for peaceful energy purposes only.
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    The driver was first seen Saturday parked outside a hotel as he surveyed the boardwalk: Hundreds of people were sitting at cafes, walking along the seashore or shopping at vendors selling jewelry or art.
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    But it comes less than a week after the Obama administrationoverturned an ITC decision from June that would have banned thesales of some older-model Apple iPhones and iPads in the UnitedStates for violating Samsung patents.
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    "This was a difficult decision to make, but the right decision," Kill said in a statement distributed by the university. "Our staff has been together a long time and I have full confidence in Coach Claeys and them during my time away. Every decision that will be made will be in the best interest of the players and the program. I look forward to returning to the Minnesota sideline on a full-time basis soon."
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    ROME, Oct 10 (Reuters) - The Italian government offeredfinancial support on Thursday to help rescue Alitalia using thestate-owned post office, but said it wanted radical change atthe national airline and shareholders to join a life-savingcapital increase.
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    Well, to be fair, 2-day shipping is shipping. How long it takes to start shipping is a whole other matter. I mean, the same thing happens with all other retailers if their stock isn't ready. I haven't gone through the purchasing steps to see if Motorola tells you or not though, so maybe they can do a better job of communicating the time-to-ship part.
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    “Looking at all these relatively reliable sources ... you find there’s no evidence at all of an increasing traction of Muslim people,” Dapice said. “In fact, it’s quite the opposite. There’s been a net outflow after 1950.”
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    President Obama denounced "irresponsible" Republican critics of his health care law Thursday, saying efforts to "blackmail" him into changing the plan could trigger a government shutdown and a U.S. credit default.
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    Before the trial, Tourre's lawyers sought unsuccessfully toblock the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission from using the email, in which Tourre called himself "the fabulous Fab," tosupport its claim he misled investors in a 2007 deal.
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    A new, quicker railway is needed to avoid a “capacity crunch”, says Rupert Walker of Network Rail, the company that owns Britain’s tracks. This crunch is particularly painful on the West Coast main line, which runs from London to Scotland via Birmingham. The line is Europe’s busiest mixed railway and carries a quarter of all freight, points out Mr Walker.
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