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    She cites research that found negative and off-the-wall comments wield enough influence to skew a reader’s perception of the best-researched story. Those responses undermine the authority of the media outlet and its sources.
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    The flood of computer problems since the website went online has been deeply embarrassing for the White House. The snags have called into question whether the administration is capable of implementing the complex policy and why senior administration officials -- including the president -- appear to have been unaware of the scope of the problems when the exchange sites opened.
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    "I think it's another positive sign that the testing continues to work and that those players who commit infractions against the drug policy are being penalized accordingly," Royals pitcher Jeremy Guthrie said. "It's unfortunate when it's a friend of yours and a teammate but the testing is there for a purpose, and this is another indication that it's working and serving its purpose."
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    Evonik, Germany's second-largest chemicals maker after BASF,is controlled by RAG, a public sector trust that will bear theliabilities of Germany's wound-down coal mines. Buyout firm CVC also holds a stake.
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    There's a good chance, then, that before much time has passed, we'll be back to where we were at the start of the week, with President Obama trying to rally Congress and the international community to punish Assad for gassing his own people. Circumstances might change by then, but as of now polls show majorities of Americans think bombing Syria would be a bad idea. I wish I could share the certainty so many people on both sides seem to have about the prospect, but I find myself with more questions than answers.
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    During a roundtable discussion, several business executives told the five-term Republican that they can't find enough Americans willing to cook fajitas, repair sidewalks and perform other types of unglamorous work that keeps the fourth-largest U.S. city humming. A more robust guest-worker program would help, they said.
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    "I am pleased to be able to welcome Steve back to the Knicks," Garden Chairman James Dolan said in a statement. "He is a well-respected sports executive with a strong background in basketball, as well as a familiarity with NBA operations and our company. We look forward to his leadership and believe he is the right person to help us reach our ultimate goal of winning an NBA Championship.
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    The orchestra was assembled in just two days, according to a violinist who spoke on condition of anonymity after signing two nondisclosure agreements about the primo gig. That left them little time to master the songs selected by West to set the mood: His own “Knock You Down” and Kim’s favorite — Lana Del Rey’s “Young and Beautiful.”
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    The GM and Chrysler employees and retirees saw their pay and benefits essentially untouched by the bankruptcy process. The federal bailout allowed the Treasury Department to call the shots in bankruptcy court, so management and other creditors did not go after those benefits. That won't be the case this time.
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    Brett raced from of the dugout, his arms flailing wildly, and jabbed his finger right in McClelland's face. Fellow umpire Joe Brinkman tried to hold Brett back, eventually putting him in a headlock and spinning him around in a sequence that's been replayed millions of times.
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    Now, to say that these are America's core interests is not to say that they are our only interests. We deeply believe it is in our interests to see a Middle East and North Africa that is peaceful and prosperous. And we'll continue to promote democracy and human rights and open markets because we believe these practices achieve peace and prosperity.
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    Condeluci said the Titan Arum looks for pollinators in the evening, emitting heat and a smell of rotting flesh as the sun starts to fade. The smell, which dissipates in the daytime, generally lasts 24 to 48 hours.
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    Fact: Film producers feeling the squeeze of rejection for funding by more sophisticated investors today who require an ROI rather then a need to be “enamored” is driving demand for “crowd donation” forums trying to mimic DPO’s.
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    Johnston used the occasion to defend PepsiCo's current modelof selling both snacks and drinks. In addition to co-marketingopportunities and added leverage with retailers, a broadportfolio serves as a hedge, he told CNBC television.
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    However, shadow business secretary Chuka Umunna said: ‘Consumers and businesses across the country will find it hard to believe the promises which Tory ministers are making on internet speeds for train customers when they have so badly mismanaged the process of rolling out superfast broadband across the country, particularly to rural areas.’
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    Its restaurant, Samuel’s, is overseen by the chef Simon Crannage and has won many awards for its high quality. The emphasis is on seasonal and local produce inspired by the fruit, vegetables and herbs grown in the hotel’s four-acre garden and around the estate.
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    Depending on the level of exposure in different parts of the world, the risk was found to be similar to that of breathing in second-hand tobacco smoke, Kurt Straif, head of the agency's section that ranks carcinogens, told reporters in Geneva.
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    "It certainly has taken place," he admitted. "Running backs aren't necessarily used in the same way but at the same time, you still see guys who have carved out that niche and demand the ball and are difference makers on their team.
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    Bo entered the courthouse under police escort in the eastern city of Jinan, court officials said, in closely choreographed proceedings held under tight security, with officers sealing off nearby roads with red and yellow barriers and bundling onlookers into a minivan.
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    Bain became the object of political and media scrutiny after Romney cited his tenure as head of the firm - between 1984 and 1999 - as evidence that he is a good economic manager that is needed at a time when the U.S. economy is struggling to recover.
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    Ignatyev, a veteran who headed the bank for 11 years, iscredited with raising the status and effectiveness of thecentral bank, presiding over a fall in inflation and boostingconfidence in the rouble.
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    "If Detroit is bogged down in years of expensive proceedings and fails to restore solvency or materially restructure its liabilities, other distressed issuers would be unlikely to emulate Detroit's approach," Van Praagh said in a Moody's report.
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    Under the bonnet there’s a choice of five engines but, unsurprisingly in a car like this with a practical bent, it is the diesels that offer the best compromise. The 1.6-litre e-HDi unit comes in two outputs — 92bhp and 115bhp — but the higher of the two only costs a little more money rather than a major penalty in economy. Petrol fans will want to hang on for the turbocharged three-cylinder 1.2-litre unit that is still to come.
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    Australia's military declined to confirm details of the incident, but said in a statement sent to Reuters that an investigation was under way into "an incident of potential misconduct" involving special forces soldiers.
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    While it is found in high levels in people suffering with anxiety and depression, normal levels of CRF are beneficial to the brain, as it helps the survival of nerve cells. Previous studies have indicated that people with Alzheimer's have lower levels of the hormone.
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    "I had a lot of hopes when I entered the work force after college; I wanted to learn a lot, but the hours were long and the wages were low compared to what I was putting into the job," Mr Wei said.
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    Senator Charles Schumer, the leading Democratic author of the bill said, "I'm not even going to get into that," and insisted he is "more optimistic every day" of legislation passing the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.
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    Workers at the nation’s best known fast-food restaurants in seven cities across America are planning to walk off the job Monday to protest what they say are wages that are too low to live on. In a move orchestrated with the help of powerful labor unions and clergy groups, the workers plan to strike for a day to demand their wages be doubled.
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    Despite the sluggish retail market, KKR believes QingdaoHaier's stock is undervalued, and sees room for growth inChina's home appliances market, according to a source withknowledge of the firm's investment strategy.
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    Brown, a six-year veteran who is entering the final year of his contract, said Overstreet spoke to the 49ers Thursday to see "what we could work out" as far as recouping some of his lost salary. Brown said he would "hope for the best" before adding, "Pray for me." He signed a three-year, $7.1 million extension in 2009.
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    Euronews correspondent in Rome, Enrico Bona, said: “Silvio Berlusconi has retraced the latest 20 years of history of the Italian Republic and he has proposed the re-foundation of Forza Italia as an antidote to what he calls the distortion of justice. We will see if his call has the same force as in ’94.”
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    Your prospective boss can relay what he or she values most and what led to his or her personal success with the organization. Then, Palmer says, you can internally ruminate about whether you share the same values and can envision yourself working there.
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    "While this has been a difficult time for both my family and myself, I am pleased that the judge dismissed the race claims and I am looking forward to getting this behind me, now that the remaining claims have been resolved," Deen said. "I am confident that those who truly know how I live my life know that I believe in kindness and fairness for everyone."
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    Since Jackson filed her suit last month, 17 more women have come forward to accuse Filner of making unwanted advances, the latest being Dianne York, 50, who starred in a short-lived reality show about cosmetic surgery on the Oxygen Channel cable network called "Addicted to Beauty."
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    In the "when-issued" market, traders expected the Treasuryto pay an interest rate of 0.15 percent for the 1-month bills. This would be the highest interest rate forinvestors on its one-month debt since November.
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    Her voice would be key in coalition talks, especially if theSPD is emboldened by a better than expected result. It couldthen insist on key cabinet posts like the finance and foreignministries, press for a minimum wage and tax hikes on the rich.
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    In a trial starting Tuesday, the oil company is asking a federal court in New York to prevent the villagers and their Harvard-educated lawyer, Steven Donziger, from using U.S. courts to enforce the Ecuadorean judgment.
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    Within weeks of Sandusky's arrest, Penn State Trustees fired Spanier, at the time the nation's highest-paid public university president. Trustees also fired revered head football coach Joe Paterno, Sandusky's boss. Months later, Paterno, 85, died of lung cancer.
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    "Once (Netflix) started weakening, you started seeing othermomentum names with high betas that have been big winners thisyear and recently all started coming under significantpressure," said James, referring to stocks that are generallymore volatile than the rest of the market.
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    SAO PAULO, Aug 14 (Reuters) - Brazilian state-ledelectricity utility Eletrobras posted an 87.7 percentdrop in second-quarter net profit as it continued to strugglewith the effects of a government plan to reduce rates forconsumers.
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    But why would you think that? That relies on the assumption that the reason this shutdown is happening if because the Repubs want to use it to stop Obamacare. But they can't- not only do they not have a chance in hell vote-wise, but much/most of Obamacare is funded through mandatory expenditures that would not be affected, or else isn't funded by the gov at all. This isn't a serious effort- it's a angry and futile gesture- a tantrum.
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    "Defendant has wholly failed and refused to discontinue sales of the T-shirts," the complaint said of Vaughn. "Defendant's actions were willfully intended to trade on the goodwill and reputation of plaintiff."
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    Mr Cameron said: "When I became Prime Minister three years ago many patients with rare cancers were being denied life saving treatments. That is why we created the Cancer Drugs Fund, it is why we are extending it, and it is why we are partnering with Cancer Research UK to conduct new research into the effectiveness of cancer drugs. It is only because we have protected health spending that we can afford these life saving treatments."
  • Humberto on 2019-May-21 21:13:25 Humberto said

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    The professors were also used to working with such students, and were familiar with the new technologies that are starting to transform teaching students with cognitive impairments (for Fernandez, one of the simpler ones was among the most helpful: a "pulse pen" that records audio as you write and lets students later sync their written notes and the teacher's accompanying words when they review).
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    Fonterra, the world's biggest dairy exporter, has recalled some batches of milk formula in China and elsewhere after the New Zealand co-operative said it had discovered whey protein products that contained a harmful bacteria.
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    Lori said he expected no changes in the bishops' push for broader religious exemptions from the contraception coverage rule in the Affordable Care Act. Dozens of Catholic charities and dioceses, along with evangelical colleges and others, are suing the Obama administration over the regulation. The bishops say the provision violates the religious freedom of faith-based nonprofits and for-profit employers.
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    © Incisive Media Investments Limited 2013, Published by Incisive Financial Publishing Limited, Haymarket House, 28-29 Haymarket, London SW1Y 4RX, are companies registered in England and Wales with company registration numbers 04252091 & 04252093
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    The department began moving toward adoption of a final rulealong these lines almost two years ago, but its announcement wasthe first substantive policy pronouncement by Perez, who endureda contentious confirmation process in the U.S. Senate.
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  • Stanford on 2019-May-21 22:50:13 Stanford said

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    In response to public outrage over taxpayer-funded bailoutsand to reassure small depositors their funds were safe, theEuropean Commission, which sets conditions banks must fulfil toqualify for state aid, in July updated its framework for bankbailouts for the seventh time in the crisis.
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    It is not uncommon for the Commission to take steps against a member state for non-compliance with legislation, but never has a move towards sanctions been made so quickly after a country has joined the bloc.
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    "During pregnancy is a good time to go along to your local breastfeeding support group, to get information on breastfeeding and meet other mums and mums-to-be. Knowing that this support is out there can be really helpful when you have had your baby," she explained.
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    German media are speculating on who could replace Loescherif push came to shove. Magazine Manager Magazin said thatshareholder representatives favour Siegfried Russwurm, chiefexecutive of Siemens' bread-and-butter Industry business.
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    In this 2006 photo, North Korean soldiers watch the USS Pueblo, which was seized by the country&#39;s navy in 1968, near the Taedonggang river in Pyongyang. The ship is North Korea’s greatest Cold War prize, a potent symbol of how the country has stood up to the great power of the United States.
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    TOKYO, July 16 (Reuters) - The dollar held on to a moderaterecovery path on Tuesday, with investors sticking to the viewthat the Federal Reserve is still likely to be the first amongmajor central banks to move away from ultra-loose monetarypolicy.
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    "I think we need to recognise that the Government does have the power to impose equal pay audits, and it may well be that if we do not see success through Think, Act, Report, that might be the only way to make this happen."
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    "His self-confidence and ability to interact with people has changed dramatically for the better," Woo said. "He's only 10 years old and to be away from your family for such a period of time and go through so many things ... it's incredible."
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    According to CloudFlare, Twitter fared better because ithad a registry lock in place, preventing Melbourne IT frommaking automatic changes to its registration. It’s notclear how any of the attacks breached Melbourne IT’s system.
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    The raises the question of whether the ruling Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) can retain their control over the Kurdistan Region for a third successive decade.
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    The diagnosis: Vibrio vulnificus (vih-BREE'-oh VUHL'-nihf-ih-kus), an infection caused by a bacteria found in warm salt water. It's a distant relative of the bacteria that causes cholera. So far this year, 31 people across Florida have been infected by the severe strain of Vibrio, and 10 have died.
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    After a whirlwind week, the Jeannette couple tied the knot in a hastily arranged backyard ceremony that formalized their union and celebrated Logan's life, which doctors say will be cut short soon by cancer.
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    While the schoolgirls’ wish was to get better, she died three months after starting the project, although her legacy lives on with her story well known in Japan and origami cranes since becoming a symbol of peace.
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    In the United States, Prudential gained from the move into retirement of the baby-boomers. Profit rose by almost a third after a rise in U.S. Treasury rates in the second quarter boosted its variable annuity business, and it also benefited from its acquisition of REA LIC in 2012.
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    The government said Serco had agreed to co-operate with anaudit of all its contracts and it had asked the Serious FraudOffice to consider carrying out an investigation into G4S whichdeclined to allow a further review into the tagging deal.
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    Lawyers for Kissel argued on Monday that the prosecution hadmade errors in its case, including stating that the murderhappened when her husband, Robert Kissel, was on a bed, whichthey said contradicted some of the testimony from a prosecutionexpert that the death was more likely to have happened on thefloor.
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    Jens Nordvig, global head of FX strategy at NomuraSecurities in New York, said comments from Bernanke last weekcreated more uncertainty about the timing of tapering of QE andthe Fed's confidence level in the outlook.
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