Arduino For Kids

For more information about Arduino, please visit the website that  we have listed down for you below. Have fun with Arduino! 1.Arduino Programming for Kids: A Step-By-Step Guide for  Beginners 2.118 kids projects – Arduino Projects Hub 3.Let’s Learn Arduino – Introduction to… Read More »Arduino For Kids

Mental Health: An Overview

There can be no true physical health without good mental health. Ameera Aleeshya, Fadrul Izwan, Dinah Chong, Nur Amiera Izzati and Syafiqah Amira, Form 4 students of KKHS recently conducted a survey for their PBL to find out more about mental health. They discovered that… Read More »Mental Health: An Overview

Coding is Fun

What is Coding? Coding is the process of writing instructions for computers. It’s sort of like writing a to-do list in another language. In fact, there are dozens of different programming languages out there. For example, coders use HTML and JavaScript to build websites. Swift… Read More »Coding is Fun