News from London

Date 2008/3/12 9:00:00 | Topic: KKHS Site News

News from London

My dear fellow teachers, staff, boys and girls of KKHS

After 3 weeks of intensive lectures, discussions, assignments, presentations and reports, we started our first School Placement. There will be 2 School Placements, each will run for 2 weeks .

Our first School Placement : Davenant Foundation School

           Head Teacher : Mr. Chris Seward

Chair of Governors : Mrs. Sally Fair weather

My Partner : En. Mohd. Rauhi Bin Mohd. Isa Head teacher of Malay College, Kuala Kangsar

The school located at Lougton, need to take 2 Tubes ( Underground Trains ) and a bus to reach the school. Most of the students go to school by bus.

We were welcomed by the Head teacher, Mr Chris Seward and The Chair of Governors, Mrs Sally Fairweather.

Davenant Foundation School is a Christian ecumenical school, taking students from a broad range of Christian backgrounds as well as a small number of practicing Jewish students. The pupil population is about 1100,  The school is oversubscribed, yearly intake is only around 160 of year 7 ( Form 1 ) students. 13 % of the students are from minority ethnic background.

The school is a Specialist Sports and Modern Foreign Language College.

The school is a Voluntary Aided School, fully government funded.

The school has a big field, 3 tennis courts, 3 netball courts, indoor swimming pool, basketball court and badminton court .

The classrooms are arrange according to subjects and departments, the students have to move from one classroom to another for different subjects. This is good and convenient for the teachers to prepare the set-up for the teaching and learning requirements.

We have some discussions with the Chair of Governors, Head teacher and his Leadership Group, Head of Departments, teachers, supporting staff and students.

Enjoy your school Mid-Term holidays ! ! We will only have a short break for the coming Easter. Will write more later.

Best regards from Mr. Ng

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